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Postal Services

The recent changes in the UK postal market have enabled us to offer a wide range of innovative postal solutions at a very cost effective price. So whether youíre sending large volumes of post using traditional mail sort options, or smaller quantities of metered post, you will benefit from using our services.

Our Post services offer a simple and reliable way of sending items anywhere in the UK or Worldwide.

UK Post Services

  • Bulk mail - for sorted mailings with volumes of over 4,000 pieces per mailing.
  • Unsorted service - for unsorted mailings of 250 pieces or more per mailing.
  • Unsorted Packets - for your low value bulky mail items which are too large to be sent as Large Letters.

We will collect your post from your offices or mailing house free of charge and deliver them into the relevant local Royal Mail Inward Mail Centre for 'final mile' delivery. Itís the perfect solution for all your business needs whether you are sending invoices, communications to your Customers or prospects, catalogues, information brochures, and all other mailings.

International Post Services

Our International Postal solutions allow us to offer a wide range of products tailored to meet the needs of your business at cost effective prices. There is no need to sort by country, format or destination, weigh or frank the mail as we can do all of this for you! This is all supported by our accreditation from the Mail Consolidators Association.

Equity  Delivery, the UK's leading premium express delivery company, provides high quality, flexible and innovative service solutions across the UK, Ireland and Worldwide.

Our  national network is supported by truly dedicated local account management, which benefits our Customers by working with a global partner who provides a local service.


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